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Frequently Asked Questions

[topic color=”gray” title=”Question 1″] Is it free to become a member of English Tutors Online (ETO) ?

Answer: Yes. There is no registration fee, annual fee or work referral fee at ETO.


[topic color=”gray” title=”Question 2″] May I apply for multiple jobs at once?

Answer: For an English tutor, please apply only to one job. For a writer or other types of jobs, you may apply for multiple jobs during the same period only if you can receive all the work.


[topic color=”gray” title=”Question 3″] What should I do if I have questions about employment conditions and work content before application?

Answer: Please contact EOT about the information you want to know from the contact. Please do not contact each company directly.


[topic color=”gray” title=”Question 4″] How does ETO match the English tutor to an English school?

Answer: Based on the membership information, ETO will look for the tutor that meets the needs of a specific school in the list.


[topic color=”gray” title=”Question 5″] Can I refuse the job offer?

Answer: Yes, you can refuse it if you do not agree with the working conditions or contract details. As a result of the interview, the school may not continue with the contract.


If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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