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#0042 – Online English Speaking Course at a university in Japan

English Tutors Online (https://english-tutors.online) We are hiring online teachers for children and university students in Japan

Released: 07/March/2023
Closing date: Ends when it’s decided
Job type: Home-based online English teachers
Number of people: 8 – 15
Salary: 7,500 Php (schedule A) or 8,500 Php (schedule B)
(Maximum including performance-based incentive)
Required: Certificate (TESOL, TEFL, Licensed teacher, etc) + experience
Term: 10 or 15 days between April and July
Company: Pax Creation Medical Lab., LLC (Japan)
Remarks: Must be able to attend all assigned lessons

Job interview (30 minutes with Zoom)
 The teachers receive online training.
Lesson platform: Zoom
Lesson materials: Provided by the university
*Important: The teachers cannot choose lessons, must conduct all assign lessons.
Schedule A: Monday, Tuesday and Friday
 4/17(Mon, 3rd class till 13:00)
 4/24(Mon, 3rd class till 13:00)
 4/25 (Tue, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 4/28 (Fri, 1-2nd class till 10:40)
 5/1(Wed, 2nd class till 10:40)
 5/9 (Tue, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 5/17(Wed, 2nd class till 10:40)
 5/19 (Fri, 1-2nd class till 10:40)
 5/23 (Tue, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 5/24(Wed, 2nd class till 10:40)
 6/2 (Fri, 1-2nd class till 10:40)
 6/20 (Tue, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 6/30 (Fri, 1-2nd class till 10:40)
 7/4 (Tue, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 7/14 (Fri, 1-2nd class till 10:40)
Total: 7,500 Php (30 lessons + training) in total

Schedule B: Tuesday and Friday
 4/25 (Tue, 1-4thj class till 14:40)
 4/28 (Fri, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 5/9 (Tue, 1-4th class till 14:40)
 5/19 (Fri, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 5/23 (Tue, 1-4th class till 14:40)
 6/2 (Fri, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 6/20 (Tue, 1-4th class till 14:40)
 6/30 (Fri, 1-3rd class till 13:00)
 7/4 (Tue, 1-4th class till 14:40)
 7/14 (Fri, 1-3rd class till 13:30)
Total: 8,500 Php (35 lessons + training) in total
*More detailed information will be provided at the interview.

Time schedule in a day (ex: Schedule B)
 Call the roll: 7:00 – 7:10
 Meeting: 7:45 – 7:55
 1st Class: 7:58 (listen to a lecture), 8:30 – 9:00 (lesson)
 2nd Class: 9:38 (listen to a lecture), 10:10 – 10:40 (lesson)
 3rd Class: 11:58 (listen to a lecture), 12:30 – 13:00 (lesson)
 4th Class: 13:38 (listen to a lecture), 14:10 – 14:40 (lesson)
For example, for the first class, the teachers access to the Zoom meeting at 7:58 and standby for 30 minutes. (Online group lesson starts at 8:30.)

 * Be able to attend all assigned lessons
 * Certificate (TESOL, TEFL, Licensed teacher, etc) + experience
 * Has excellent verbal and written English communication skills
 * Good stable internet connection (Faster than 10MB/s)
 * Have a power bank for smartphone
 * Charged SIM data and calls
 * Must have a polite and positive working attitude
 * G-cash and Bank Account (Both)
 Job interview (30 minutes with Zoom)

Selection Method:
 (1) Primary screening by your CV registered on English Tutors Online
 (2) Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
 (3) Interview with HR person

I’m sorry, it’s closed.

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